West Point is Expected to Remove Portrait of American Hero Robert E. Lee

Cultural erasure is the M.O. of the political establishment. 

Following the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, a multitude of monuments and artifacts of American history were removed and renamed as part of the regime’s efforts to fight “racism.”

Knowing the cultural radicals all too well, their fight is far from over. Now they have Confederate General Robert E. Lee in their sights. 

A portrait of Lee at West Point military academy could now be coming down per orders from a federal commission.

According to POLITICO, people familiar with the commission’s inner dealings expect it to demand the removal of the 20-foot portrait of Lee donning his Confederate uniform. 

Lee was a graduate of West Point and a distinguished officer and military engineer in the United States Army for over 30 years. During his military service, he fought with valor in the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) and served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy (1852-1855). 

When his home state of Virginia seceded during the 1861 Richmond Convention, Lee joined the Confederacy as a general.

The commission is now expected to order West Point to take down any item that honors Lee in connection with the Confederacy. That said, any “historic” item that honors Lee while serving as superintendent will stay in place.

The commission is still ironing out the details of the recommendations, which are expected to be sent to Congress by October 1.

The erasing of the Confederacy from the public consciousness is one of the first steps towards destroying American history. Consider it a low-hanging fruit for the cultural progressives. 

But anyone who understands how these radicals move knows that they will definitely not stop there. Any American historical figure who expressed “racist” views or engaged in activity that the woke historical judges deem as “problematic” will be proverbially burnt in effigy and disappeared from history. 

The fights we’re currently facing go beyond GDP. They’re existential in nature and if we don’t stop these cultural iconoclasts in their tracks, our country and its history will literally disappear. 

Those are the stakes. 

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