Western Military Aid to Ukraine Roughly Equals Russia’s 2022 Military Budget

Russian state media outlet TASS reported that the Collective West has sent $48.5 billion in military aid since the start of Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine. This figure is essentially the equivalent of Russia’s 2022 military budget.

Per TASS’s figures, Western military aid to Ukraine would make up 95% of Russia’s military 

expenditures, which hovered around $51.1 billion in 2022.

The total amount of aid that Ukraine has received from the Collective West and international organizations since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022 roughly totals $150.8 billion. For perspective, the Ukrainian budget roughly totals $55.5 billion. In essence, all aid sent to Ukraine is nearly triple the Ukrainian government’s budget.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously said that “military potential and capacities of nearly all principal NATO members are currently being actively used” to confront Russia. Similarly, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that Russia was fighting in Ukraine not against Ukrainian forces, but instead against all of the forces of the Collective West. 

Indeed, Russia finds itself in a de facto proxy war against the Collective West. The US and its satrapies in NATO and EU are committed to sending as much aid as possible to Ukraine to try to bleed Russia out. Moreover, these countries have launched a full-fledged economic sanctions war against Russia, which is blowing up in Europe’s face. 

While no Western troops have been sent en masse to directly intervene in Ukraine, the Collective West is clearly doing everything possible – short of direct military intervention —  to confront Russia.  

To defuse tensions and end this conflict, the Collective West must halt the military aid and remove its sanctions against Russia. Ultimately, this is a conflict that Russia and Ukraine should settle among themselves, and not have the Collective West constantly interfering and stoking tensions from the outside.  

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