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What Bias? Over 90% of Google Employee’s Political Donations Went to Democrats



At this point, there is overwhelming evidence that Big Tech has a blatantly obvious bias when it comes to promoting certain points of view above others, but a new study released Thursday by GovPredict, reveals that more than 90% of political donations by Alphabet employees went to Democrats.

GovPredict hosts “the broadest database of political contributions in the world, spanning contributions to federal, state, and local committees, as well as to 527 organizations.”

In the first article examining political preferences, GovPredict focused on the political donations of employees at Alphabet— the parent company of Google and several of its subsidiaries, including Google Ventures, Verily, Nest, YouTube, Calico and Adsense. GovPredict used Federal Election Commission (FEC) data on contributions to both federal candidates and causes.

“The question is simple: what are the political preferences of Alphabet employees, as revealed by their political giving histories, and how have these preferences evolved over time?” GovPredict explained in the report.

“Our analysts and machines first had to identify the variants of employer name that Alphabet employees used when filing election contributions,” GovPredict said. “The final list had 233 variants, including ‘Google Ventures,’ ‘Nest Labs,’ ‘Nest at Google,’ ‘Verily (Google Life Sciences),’ and the like.” The researchers also had to categorize as either Democrat or Republican “the 1,105 unique committees to which Alphabet employees have contributed over the past decade and a half.”

 “Organizations that might not explicitly identify with a political party but which ideologically are synchronized were issued with a party label,”said GovPredict. As an example, the League of Conservative Voters Action Fund was categorized as a Democratic cause. In another example, “A contribution in 2007 to Arlen Specter was categorized as a contribution to a Republican, since he changed party affiliation in 2009.”

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As you can see just by glancing at the graph, there is an overwhelming amount of contributions by employees of Alphabet Inc and subsidiaries to Democratic candidates and causes.

“Since 2004, Alphabet employees have contributed a little over 90%of their political dollars to Democratic candidates and causes. Since 2008, the strongest imbalance came in 2016, when 94% of their contributions went to Democrats. In 2010, Republicans received the largest share of Alphabet employees’ contributions when they received 19% of political dollars.”-GovPredict

This will come as no surprise to anyone reading this, the largest contributor over the last decade and a half has been none other than Eric Schmidt, who is listed as CEO, executive Chairman, Chairman & CEO, and other similar titles.

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