What? Biden Continues String of Gaffes, Claims Martin Luther King and RFK “Assassinated in Late 70’s”

The Democratic Party’s elder statesman continues to prove he deserves his title, making another confusing gaffe when speaking in Iowa on Tuesday.

The former Vice President incorrectly claimed that both Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy “had been assassinated in the ’70s — the late ’70s.”

Both men were in fact assassinated in 1968, ten years before Biden seems to remember the deaths occurring.

This isn’t the first time the Democratic frontrunner has seemed forgetful and distracted on the campaign trail.

After an embarrassing series of similar gaffes, Biden campaign staff are said to be limiting the 76-year old’s public appearances. It’s unusual for a major Presidential candidate to run a light schedule, let alone one competing and even winning a major party’s presidential nomination, but Biden is essentially running three-quarters of a presidential campaign at the most.

The series of mix-ups and slightly embarrassing mistakes don’t seem to be hurting his campaign’s prospects, if the polls are to be trusted. Biden has consistently led in polling for the Democratic nomination, despite concerns over his sharpness and accusations of lacking any serious policy proposals other than merely opposing Trump.

Biden is also facing criticism from some Democrats for some of his policy stances articulated before his Vice Presidency. The longtime Democratic senator was attacked by California’s Kamala Harris in the second primary debate over Biden’s opposition to school busing as Delaware’s U.S Senator. Others point out Biden’s support for “tough-on-crime” sentencing legislation in the 1990’s.

It is frankly surprising that Biden maintains a consistent and enduring lead in the polls. He’s a Democrat of yesterday, who lacks literally any innovative or new policy proposals. When asked what he wanted his first major accomplishment as President to be, the elder statesman strangely and nonsensically replied with “defeating Donald Trump.” Were he to become President, Trump would hypothetically already be defeated.

Yet Biden continues to pull in hefty leads in national polls, indicating that Democrats intend to nominate a 20th-century conventional establishment career politician in the 2020 election.

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