What Is Ralph Northam Supposed To Be In This Costume?

Failing Democrat Virginia governor Ralph Northam has an affinity for costumes — admittedly dressing in blackface to emulate Michael Jackson in the 1980’s, and also dressing in either a Ku Klux Klan robe or blackface, according to a medical school yearbook photo.

What is Northam supposed to be in this photo, published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch?

A plantation owner? (READ: Ralph Northam Is Descended From Slave Owners).

Here’s the Times-Dispatch caption:

“First Lady Pamela Northam talks with three-year-old Winx Conway as she visited the Executive Mansion with her mother Jenna Conway and one-year-old brother Paul Conway during a Halloween Open House Gov. Ralph Northam and First Lady Pamela Northam were hosting Wednesday, October 31, 2018.”

(Hat Tip Dr. Jane Ruby)

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