What? Joe Biden Claims 600,000 Americans Have Died of Corona On Morning Joe

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to state that 600,000 Americans have died of coronavirus during a Friday appearance on Morning Joe, overestimating the national casualties from the disease by an order of magnitude.

Watch the embarrassing gaffe here:

Over 600,000 dead, many of them who are those workers, those nurses, doctors, some of themAnd we talk about that number like 600-plus thousand people.”

Biden overstated the number of coronavirus deaths in America by ten times. In actuality, just over 60,000 Americans have been counted as coronavirus deaths by the Center for Disease Control and Johns Hopkins University as of Friday.

Biden stuttered after being promptly corrected by the MSNBC presenter, realizing he had vastly overstated the number of coronavirus deaths in the country.

During his appearance on the show, Joe Biden also directly addressed the sexual assault allegations against him made by former Senate staffer Tara Reade. Biden denied the allegations, and walked back some of his previous rhetoric arguing that women who make allegations of sexual assault should be believed.

Biden has struggled with statistics and numerical figures before. In a Democratic primary debate, he made the whopping claim that 150 million Americans have died of gun violence since 2007, a mammoth overstatement that would mean almost half the country’s population has been killed by guns in the timeframe.

Is this man at the top of his game?

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