What Was Kamala Harris Staffer And His Masonic Brothers Doing Behind The LAPD During Trayvon Riots?

New scrutiny is being placed on Kamala Harris personnel after revelations of her California DOJ aide’s extensive activism as part of a Masonic lodge in Los Angeles.

Documents show that former Kamala Harris aide Brandon Kiel is a Masonic “Grand High Priest” who campaigned for his boss Harris at a Masonic grandmaster gathering. Kiel served as Harris’ deputy director of community affairs at the California Department of Justice.

Kiel also appeared with his Masonic brothers behind the LAPD at a press conference during Trayvon Martin-related instability.

The man in the top hat on Kiel’s left, Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster David Henry X, died on the day in 2016 that Kiel’s charges were thrown out for impersonating a police officer. Kiel served with the “Masonic Fraternal Police Force” in Los Angeles.

Here is a passage from the June 19, 2014 edition of the L.A. Watts Times news service, which was highlighted by the blog Laws of Silence, which knows a lot about Masonry and provides more context:

Here is the passage in which he advocates for Kamala Harris and asks for the Masons’ help on Harris’ behalf:

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