What’s Going On With Kevin Spacey’s Accusers?

Disgraced Hollywood star Kevin Spacey keeps lucking out in court, as cases against him are dropped – sometimes because the accuser dies.

Perhaps best known for his role in the TV show House of Cards, award-winning actor Kevin Spacey was one of the many to fall as a result of the deluge of sexual assault allegations set off by the #MeToo movement. However, whereas the vast majority of these were women, Spacey’s accusers are (almost) all men, some of whom were under 18 at the time of the alleged misconduct.

The first of these was Anthony Rapp, who came out on October 29, 2017, with a story of how Spacey made physical sexual advances toward him when Rapp was only 14 years old. Spacey, in response, expressed horror at the accusation, and immediately pivoted to proclaiming that he was gay, in an apparent attempt to distract from the issue and gain sympathy.

This failed completely, with the LGBT community expressing outrage at the conflation of behaviors, and his apology becoming widely seen as a joke. Since then, as many as 15 men ranging from fellow actors to bartenders have come forward with their own stories, many worse than Rapp’s, describing Spacey’s attempts at physical sexual misconduct.

One of these, an unnamed “former child actor” who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with 24-year-old Spacey when he was just 14, alleged that it ended after Spacey tried to rape him, and stated that he believes Spacey to be a pedophile.

Since his disgrace, the actor has mostly stayed away from public view, aside from court appearances, and two bizarre videos. Conspiracy theories have begun to crop up as some have noticed that his accusers appear to be developing a habit of dying.

The first was 59-year-old Linda Culkin, a nursing assistant who claimed to have been told by a patient that Spacey had groped him. She became obsessed with stalking and harassing the actor, including sending bomb threats, which landed her in legal troubles. On February 25th, 2019, she was struck by a car in Massachusetts and died.

The next was an unnamed Los Angeles area massage therapist who sued Spacey as “John Doe,” alleging that the actor sexually assaulted him twice at sessions at his house. He died around early September of 2019, which was revealed when Spacey’s lawyers immediately filed a notice, resulting ultimately in the dismissal of the case “with prejudice,” meaning it cannot be re-filed.

The most recent was Ari Behn, and author and ex-husband of Norwegian princess Martha Lousie, who was reported to have committed suicide in late December 2019. Behn had accused Spacey of groping him two years prior.

In addition, a fourth case against Spacey was dismissed when the key witness, the son of former Boston TV Heather Unruh, stopped cooperating with the court. Unruh accused Spacey of groping her then-18-year-old son, who subsequently filed a lawsuit. However, he reportedly failed to cooperate with the court on evidence and attendance, leading to the district attorney dropping the charges.

The suspicions of foul play in at least some of these cases are certainly made stronger by two creepy videos Spacey has put out, each on Christmas Eve in 2018 and 2019, both seemingly done in the accent and manner of his House of Cards character, a power-hungry and scheming politician.

In the first, he cast doubt on the validity of the allegations coming out against him, and stated to the viewer that “I know what you want. You want me back.” In the second, only a few days before reports of Behn’s suidice, he talked about having made changes in his life, and stated that when “someone does something you don’t like… you can kill them with kindness.”

While no clear evidence linking all of these events has so far been brought forward, what has been unambiguously shown through the cases of Jussie Smollet and Jeffrey Epstein is that individuals like Spacey belong to a class which is not bound by the same rules or laws as ordinary people. With these evil people, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and around Spacey it billows while he appears to be fanning flames.

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