What’s Paul Ryan’s Grand Vision for a Post-Trump GOP? Cutting Social Security and Enacting Carbon Taxes

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan is saying that Donald Trump is over, and it is time for the Republican Party to return to normal.

And what is his vision for the GOP? Cutting Social Security benefits that are supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans, and pitching a crippling carbon tax for global warming.

Ryan spoke to Real Clear Politics where he claimed that entitlement reform, his preferred euphemism for cutting social security, is “not as toxic as it used to be.”

The retired Wisconsin Republican stated “we think our country is pretty ugly and divided now, politically speaking,” but the current situation “will pale in comparison to what it will look like if we don’t get ahead of our fiscal problems.”

“I’m not too worried about the politics of entitlement reform. What people should be worried about is the politics of ducking entitlement reform,” he said, “and then precipitating a debt crisis, where you have ugly austerity economics on top of those entitlements.”

When Ryan was in charge of the nation’s purse strings, he gave America $1 trillion budgets. He didn’t cut a dime out of the corporate welfare preferred by his donors. But now he says that ordinary Americans have to take a massive haircut while jobs are sent offshore thanks to his globalist policies.

In order to create “a broader, more neutral, and simpler tax base and encourage economic growth by reducing marginal tax rates on investment,” Ryan said that the GOP would enact “tax on carbon” in order to placate far-left Democrats.

“It is clear that the really big challenges, these fiscal and entitlement and safety-net challenges, are going to take more than one reconciliation bill,” Ryan said.

Ryan stated that the GOP must use their political capital “to shift the gravity of consensus in America, which takes leadership, to tackle these challenges before they tackle us.”

Ryan’s anti-Social Security, pro-tax policies will assure GOP victories in the future, he claims, even though he lost to Obama while on the ticket as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential choice in 2012.

“We all know we lose with Trump. We did on Tuesday, we did in 2020, and we did in 2018,” Ryan said.

“We would have already had our Senate majority if the non-Trump Republican made it through the primary,” he added. “The Trump Republican in those states cost us those elections.”

Nothing would cause the Republican Party to sink faster than cutting Social Security, and carbon taxes would send the GOP base into a blind rage. What he is suggesting is national suicide, but that is the entire point. Cowards like Ryan are around to ensure the Republicans play the role of the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters.

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