While Trump Wants to Label Antifa Domestic Terrorists, Virginia Representative Defends Them

A representative for Virginia’s 50th District in the House of Delegates, Lee J. Carter, is defending Antifa.

And he’s pulling the Hitler card to boot.

Carter went on Twitter to get leftists riled up against Trump’s latest declaration, where he hinted at potentially labeling Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Carter quickly turned to Twitter and immediately compared Trump to Hitler.

He first said, “Hitler used false rumors of “violent bolsheviks” to pass the Enabling Acts of 1933, and advertised Dachau’s opening in the newspaper, stating that it was to hold up to 5,000 communists and Marxists. When we say “first they came for the communists” that’s not a damn joke.”


Then he called on his fellow liberals to stand up against Trump’s supposed tyranny:

Liberals, when you say you would have done something different if you were there in 1930s Germany, now’s the time to prove it. Defend antifa – communists and all – or admit that you’re doing nothing to stop the rise of fascism. Never again is RIGHT NOW.


The leftist organization Antifa has earned a nasty reputation for attacking journalists like Andy Ngo and using other intimidation tactics to silence its opponents.

Such behavior has propelled Texas Senator Ted Cruz to file legislation which would label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

Carter is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and has even filed a bill to repeal Virginia’s Right to Work law.

Given his radical leanings, it’s not surprise why he would be coming to Antifa’s defense.

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