WHIPPED: Prince Harry Sells $60K Hunting Rifle Collection at Command of Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has reportedly sold a $60K collection of hunting rifles at the behest of his wife, Meghan Markle, who dislikes hunting and her husband’s involvement in the sport.

The prince began selling off his collection of rifles, which includes historical antiques, about five months ago. He had decided to quit the practice of hunting entirely because Markle dislikes the sport. At least two rifles were sold off to a hunter in Britain, who later learned that the prince had been compelled to sell them at the urging of his wife.

Harry had been a regular sportsman in the past, even engaging in hunting in unusual animals in South America and Africa.

The royal couple has largely renounced most of their titles and privileges, claiming to have been victimized by the constant inquiries of the British tabloid press. They’re since relocated to Los Angeles, and hope to reinvent themselves as American-style celebrities independent of the British royal family.

President Trump has rejected insinuations that the American government pay for a private security detail for the celebrity royal couple, all but ensuring they’ll rely upon private, armed security in order to safeguard themselves from the public. Fortunately for them, American attitudes toward private gun ownership are far more permissive.

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