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Whistleblower: DOJ Lawyers Are Meeting With New York Prosecutors To Conspire Against Trump



Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys have held several meetings with New York prosecutors to discuss the Deep State plan to damage President Donald Trump, according to a longtime former FBI special agent and a whistleblower in the Robert Mueller case.

The Mueller team’s strategy is shifting as President Trump prepares to release the un-redacted contents of the fraudulent Rod Rosenstein-approved FISA warrant applications, communications pertaining to DOJ official and husband of a Fusion GPS operative Bruce Ohr, and texts between the anti-Trump lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Chuck Marler, longtime former FBI Special Surveillance Group member and Robert Mueller whistleblower, told Big League Politics that DOJ attorneys working under Rod Rosenstein have convened multiple conversations with New York state prosecutors linked to the plot to get to Trump through the Michael Cohen case.

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“Some of the prosecutors at the DOJ in New York are meeting with New York State prosecutors confidentially, they are trying to work out a plan to try to cause a constitutional crisis by filing charges against Trump in a state court. What they are trying to do is gum up the works to make him non-functional,” Marler told Big League Politics. “They have had a couple of meetings.”

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I explain this development, and the Mueller team’s new strategy, in this 5-minute Periscope update:

Is Jeff Sessions aware that his underlings are engaging in this activity? Given Sessions’ record, does it even matter at this point? After all, Mike McGahn is not even gone yet as White House counsel even after leaking constantly to the press and sitting down with Mueller for 30 hours’ worth of interviews.

So here is the new Mueller team strategy, according to Marler and other insiders:

1) They are trying to get Manafort to contradict what Trump’s kids, including Don Jr., have said about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian Fusion GPS spy Natalia Veselnitskaya. The Trump family and advisers maintain that the President did not know about the meeting with the undercover operatives, who were trying to set up the Trump campaign. If prosecutors can get Manafort to claim that Trump knew about the meeting, they think they have something. If that fails…

2) Charge Trump with something in New York to spark a “constitutional crisis.”

Mueller’s team knows that their own chance to make an impact for the Resistance is fading fast. Can the New York prosecutors carry out their end of the new strategy and deliver a legal blow to President Donald Trump?

Fired former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, whose former underlings are now running the ship on the anti-Trump case, is making the new strategy clear:

Sadly for the conspirators, the New York team is already rife with disqualifying conflicts of interest, much like Mueller’s team. (RELATED: Mueller’s Team Can Be Disbarred For Clinton Conflicts Of Interest).

The New York deputy U.S. Attorney who accepted Michael Cohen’s plea deal, Robert Khuzami, is married to a lobbyist whose Chicago-based clearing house is currently being investigated by President Donald Trump’s SEC director.

This clear conflict of interest taints the case being waged against Trump through Cohen, according to Washington insiders.

Khuzami was the general counsel of Deutsche Bank, which has taken a sizable hit due to Trump tariffs and the Brexit election, prompting the bank to advocate against protectionist trade policies. The Deutsche Bank CEO has spoken out against Trump’s policies and in favor of so-called “free trade.”

Khuzami’s wife Julie Bauer is senior vice president of Options Clearing Corporation since September 2016. She previously handled government relations for FINRA.

The Wall Street Journal reported just this month: “The company tasked with curbing risk in the U.S. options market is under investigation by federal regulators for how it handled a recent period of market turbulence, according to people familiar with the matter. The probes from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission include concerns that Options Clearing Corp. failed to accurately forecast how much cash would be needed to cover trading losses triggered by a spike in volatility last February, some of the people said.”

How interesting!

Deep State

Is the FBI Preparing to Revoke 1st Amendment Protections for Trump Supporters?

Ripping off the mask.



After last week’s mostly peaceful protests at the Capitol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intends to browbeat and scrutinize Trump supporters as criminals, CNN has announced.

The rationale is that all Trump supporters are “extremists,” and if their constitutional rights are honored and protected, they might commit domestic terrorism, or something. 

“Federal officials stressed on the call with state, local, tribal and college campus law enforcement leaders that the FBI will not tolerate extremists using the First Amendment as a guide to incite violence,” CNN reported.

Predictably, the Rooskies are being trotted out as a familiar scapegoat for the growing anger that is building against corrupt government officials in both parties.

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Did Kyle Rittenhouse act in self defense?

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“According to the source, federal officials said on the call that Russian actors have been amplifying the false narrative that members of Antifa infiltrated Trump supporters during the riot at the US Capitol, and the Chinese have seized on news stories showing chaos in the US,” CNN reported.

According to the article, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are predicting that more violence is on the way.

“The violent breach of the US Capitol Building is very likely part of an ongoing trend in which (extremists) exploit lawful protests, rallies, and demonstrations, and other gatherings to carry out ideologically-motivated violence and criminal activity,” an intelligence brief from the deep state agencies stated.

Big League Politics has reported on the massive crackdown that has ensued since last week’s siege of the U.S. Capitol, which has put the entire political establishment on notice:

Meghan McCain, the venomously anti-Trump daughter of deceased Sen. John McCain, is calling for President Donald Trump’s supporters to be put into Guantanamo Bay.

McCain is calling for Trump supporters who participated in the infamous and historic Capitol siege in Washington D.C. last week to be detained in the facility typically used to hold foreign terrorists.

“I just think we need to treat domestic terrorists the way we do actual terrorists. I think we need to consider all possibilities. I’m not against sending these people to Gitmo. These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own Republic. They should be treated the same way we treat Al Qaeda,” she said during a discussion on ABC’s “The View.”

… McCain also endorsed impeaching President Trump or removing him with the 25th Amendment, thinking this incredible overreach would somehow prevent the likelihood of violence…

The events of last week have exposed who the RINOs are once and for all. The civil war within the Republican Party over the next election cycle will be epic.

The mask has been ripped off. Fair elections are no more, the Constitution is toilet paper, and the deep state will be treating patriotic Americans like ISIS.

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