Whistleblower: Nevada Democrat Secretary of State Imported Sensitive Voter Data to Foreign Interests

Col. Phil Waldron is blowing the whistle on a foreign interference plot that he claims was perpetrated by the Nevada secretary of state.

“The Nevada secretary of state exported basically the whole personally-identifiable information, the voter rolls, to a company called Kavtech in Pakistan that has close ties to the Pakistani ISI, or the inner services intelligence agency of Pakistan,” Waldron said.

Waldron explained further that Nevada secretary of state Barbara Cegavske emailed the information to one of the group’s co-founders. He said that Kavtech engages in operations designed to target audiences that could potentially manipulate voters.

“You are trying to create either an action or an inaction in a specific target audience,” he said, adding that Kavtech’s software can be used to “push messages back out” to voters and potentially manipulate electoral outcomes.

The video can be seen here:


A copy of the email Waldron is referring to can be seen here:


Big League Politics reported earlier this month on how left-wing Indian activists were bragging before election day about how they were illegally bribing Nevadans to vote Democrat:

In the latest sign that America is devolving into a third-world mobocracy, a video has emerged of Indian activists bragging about how they were bribing people to get Democrat votes in the crucial battleground state of Nevada.

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