Whistleblower Pat Colbeck Explains Best Methods of Talking about Electronic Voter Fraud to the Public

Former state senator Pat Colbeck appeared on Big League Politics Live where he explained the best ways to talk about computerized vote fraud with the masses.

Election integrity crusaders have often had a difficult time explaining these complicated and byzantine issues to the public, particularly with the fake news machine biasing them with propaganda constantly. Colbeck attempted to address these concerns while appearing on the video podcast.

“It’s not Dominion that’s the problem on all this, frankly, it’s all electronic voting systems, and I’ll tell you why,” he said.

“The first thing that everybody needs to understand is the concept of chain of custody,” Colbeck added.

Colbeck said that most people are aware of chain of custody due to watching crime dramas or crime shows, and it is easy to draw on that knowledge to make crucial points about voter fraud.

“If you have a bunch of fake voters in the qualified voter file, for example, they’re going to find their way into the poll book. If you’re not following procedures in the poll book and actually ensuring and verifying the identity of the person who’s casting the vote before you give them a ballot, well, you just broke that link,” he said – explaining how many “links” in the chain of custody were broken during the 2020 election steal.

“If you haven’t secured the ballot containers, well, someone could just go in and maybe just pull up with a van in the middle of the night and stuff a bunch of mailboxes with a bunch of ballots that they could just go into a tabulator… So that’s just another way they could steal it,” Colbeck added.

He recommended MyPillow founder Mike Lindell’s documentaries as primers to understand the issue of election fraud as well.

“If you’re wondering why that internet connection is so important, it’s because that’s how they can go off and knit together the instructions needed to keep the pollbooks in sync with the ballots, in sync with the vote tallies,” Colbeck said.

“Another enabler is this whole COVID farce that was out there that encouraged more people to push for mail-in ballots which have pretty much lax voter identification thresholds,” he added, referencing Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson’s violation of the administrative procedures act to flood ballots throughout the state.

Colbeck also mentioned unofficial election results as being problematic because it signals to the fraudsters exactly how many phony ballots they need to create to flip the overall totals.

“If everyone understands that basic concept of the chain of custody – the QVF bone is connected to the pollbook bone is connected to the ballot bone is connected to the vote tally bone  – and ask people to demonstrate that the audit log, the paper trail for each one of those links, is maintained, and if it’s not maintained, you can’t have any confidence in the results of that election. That’s what I like to focus people on is the chain of custody,” he said.

The full episode of BLP live can be seen here:

More information about election fraud and Colbeck’s efforts to combat them can be found at http://www.letsfixstuff.org.

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