Whistleblower: Top Scientist Who Pushed Gain-of-Function Virus Research in Wuhan was CIA Asset

A doctor who worked with Dr. Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, the firm that pushed for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Virology Lab likely resulting in the COVID-19 pandemic, is being identified as a federal spook by a whistleblower.

Dr. Andrew Huff, a former associate of Daszak, is coming out with the explosive claim that Daszak worked closely with the CIA around the time he pushed for mad science in Wuhan.

“Dr. Peter Daszak told me that he was working with the CIA. I am blowing the whistle on EcoHealth Alliance. The truth will get out to everyone. There is A LOT more to the story. Coming soon in print and other media,” Huff wrote in a tweet.

He referenced an additional posting from last week in which he stated: “For the record: In 2015, Dr. Peter Daszak stopped me as were leaving work late at night, and asked me if he should work with the CIA. I was shocked given my experience in security. Over the next 2 months he gave me updates on 3 separate occasions about his work with the CIA.”

The tweet can be seen here:

Huff holds his PhD in Environmental Health and reportedly worked as the Associate Vice President at EcoHealth Alliance so he has the credentials needed to bring credibility to his allegations.

Big League Politics has reported on the massive cover-up initiated by the EcoHealth Alliance to cover-up their role in the pandemic:

The EcoHealth Alliance, the firm that plotted with Dr. Anthony Fauci to cover up the lab origins of the COVID-19 virus, has been exposed for pushing to keep data from the Covid-19-related virus sequence hidden from the public.

U.S. Right to Know unearthed conversations that occurred in April 2020 involving members of the EcoHealth Alliance, scientists with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the biotech firm Metabiota. They discussed whether or not COVID genetic sequences should be included in a public database.

Hongying Li, an operative with the EcoHealth Alliance, wanted to suppress the crucial information and used many excuses to justify the proposed lack of transparency. She said that “due to the COVID-19, any relevant data publication needs to be reviewed and approved by the institution in China.”

Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, pointed to political calculations as to why data from Google’s PREDICT program, which uses technology to hunt for unknown viruses, should not be shared with the public.

“It’s extremely important we don’t have these sequences as part of our PREDICT release to Genbank at this point. As you may have heard, these were part of a grant just terminated by NIH,” he said, pointing to a Politico article titled, “Trump cuts U.S. research on bat-human virus transmission over China ties,” hoping to perform damage control over the entire fiasco.

“Having them as part of PREDICT will being [sic] very unwelcome attention to UC Davis, PREDICT and USAID,” Daszak added.

… Daszak is a modern Mengele who has caused untold damage to mankind by playing God. If he and others like him are not brought to swift justice, civilization will never recover.”

We will continue to cover this story as Huff spills the goods about Daszak’s role with the CIA.

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