Whistleblowers Expose Illegal Electioneering at Polling Location in Detroit-area Suburb

Whistleblowers are coming forward to accuse a Democrat Michigan state representative candidate of illegal electioneering inside of a polling location.

The alleged infraction occurred by Democrat state house candidate Noah Arbit, who won his race on Aug. 2 to be the Democrat nominee for the November ballot in Michigan’s new 20th state house district.

When going to vote in-person on Tuesday at West Hills Middle School, some West Bloomfield voters heard Arbit make questionable comments.

While at the polls to vote himself, Arbit was overheard repeatedly expressing to voters that he “hoped to have [their] vote.” Witnesses also described him having loudly exclaimed how unfamiliar and confused he was by the voting process, with him saying himself he had “not voted in person in a long time” and was “very new to this.” He then posed for photographs alongside his supporters – all within the polling place, in an apparent violation of Michigan law.

“The whole thing was kind of surreal.” said West Bloomfield attorney and voter Adam Baker. “He seemed to be enjoying himself.” 

“I am concerned about the process and sanctity of voting,” Baker added. “I thought it was cheapening the civic process.” He had asked the poll workers to stop Arbit but they only paid lip service.

Upon complaint from voters at the facility, poll workers promised to stop Arbit and chastise him for his behavior. However, they neglected to take any immediate action and were later overheard praising him for being personable.

“They were wishing him good luck.” said Rachel Baker, a voter from West Bloomfield and witness to the events. “They were very warm to him, like they were pretending they couldn’t hear him.” Baker found Arbit’s actions deeply concerning. 

“I don’t care if it was purposeful or not. If you’re going to make laws, you better know the laws on the book,” she added.

When contacted about Arbit’s conduct, the West Bloomfield Clerk’s Office was unavailable for comment. Arbit and his campaign did not respond to requests either.

Big League Politics has reported on the frequent trend of Michigan Democrats flouting the rule of law and making a mockery of election integrity:

Genesee County Clerk-Register John Gleason, who was overseeing the city of Flint during the 2020 presidential election, is being charged with bribing or intimidating a witness as well as neglecting his duties.

Gleason has been charged with felony witness intimidation, which can be punished by up to four years behind bars and a $5,000 fine. His misdemeanor willful neglect of duty charge could be punished with up to one year behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

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