White BuzzFeed ‘Reporter’ Questions Former Black Caucus Chair’s Credentials On Diversity, Gets Smacked Down

Katie Notopoulos

This morning, BuzzFeed reporter Katie Notopoulos took to Twitter to bash a congressman for asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about his company’s diversity during Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony.

“I love that NC Rep Butterfield (Butterfield!!!) who looks like THIS is the one pressing Zuckerberg about his lack of diversity at management levels,” she said.

George Kenneth Butterfield Jr. is a United States Congressman serving North Carolina’s 1st District. He is a member of the Democratic Party, was the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus from 2015-2017, and happens to be black.

Notopoulos knew none of this, and jumped to judgement of Butterfield’s character simply based on the color of his skin.

“His parents are both mixed race and dad’s from Bermuda,” replied a former Forbes writer, Clare O’Conner.

Parker Harris, another Twitter user, quickly added that Butterfield chaired the Congressional Black Caucus.

Notopoulos quickly deleted the Tweet.

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