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White House is Now Considering Surveillance Plan That Wouldn’t Stop Mass Shootings



The White House is now considering controversial pre-crime measures to study whether mass shootings could be prevented by surveilling mentally ill people for small behavior patterns that might predict violence.

The former chairman of NBC Bob Wright, a longtime associate of President Donald Trump, has informed top officials, which include the President, Vice President, and Ivanka Trump, on a new proposal to build a new research arm called the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA) to find unconventional ways to address health problems, similar to what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) does for the military, based on accounts from several people who have been briefed.

Advisers to Wright put forward a three-page proposal — called SAFEHOME for Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes — which suggests the use of technology i.e. phones and smartwatches to detect when mentally ill people are about to commit violent acts.

Last month, Joe Biden advocated for the creation of such an agency.

The federal government already has plenty of gun control laws as it is, so the Trump administration is looking into other ways of tackling mass shootings.

However, these methods come with their own set of civil liberties problems. When technology is involved, the potential for mass surveillance and even Minority Report style pre–crime investigation is always high. This is the nature of any DC-style intervention to solve these issues.

Instead of trying to legislate new ways of violating civil liberties, the Trump administration should consider more measures that allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves without having to go through as many government hoops.


Hispanic Oregon Candidate Fesses Up to Committing a Race Hoax



A race hustler recently admitted to writing a racist letter to himself.

Jonathan Lopez, a candidate for Umatilla County commissioner, fessed up to writing an anonymous racist letter on July 6, 2020.

According to the Washington Times, Lopez claimed to have received the letter in June.

But he then confessed to the police that he was the individual who wrote the letter, the East Oregonian reported.

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Lopez is Hispanic and claimed that he found a letter directed to him which was allegedly filled with racist language on June 23. He published the photo of a typed letter on Facebook, which hundreds of users shared in a span of 24 hours. Since then, the post has been removed.

Things changed, though, when police did a follow-up with Lopez about the incident on July 3. Law enforcement officials recounted that Lopez confessed to being the author of the letter.

“The time spent on this fictitious claim means time lost on other matters, not to mention it needlessly adds to the incredible tension that exists in our nation today,” Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston said to the newspaper.

Edmiston then said the case would be sent over to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s office. From there it would be reviewed for initiating a false report, which is a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon.

Lopez ended up losing a primary election for a seat on the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners in May 2020.

In correspondence with the East Oregonian, Lopez claimed that he wanted to have a discussion with Edmiston about racism in Umatilla County. He used the letter as an example of the alleged racism that people experienced on a daily basis.

“I never meant to file a report, it just kind of spiraled out,” he stated. Lopez added that he “never meant to mislead” the public.

America is going through a late stage of political correctness, where all sorts of grievance politics is encouraged against normal Americans.

A polity with such internal turmoil is destined for social instability sooner or later.

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