White House: We Have Tried To Set Up Meeting With Waffle House Hero

WASHINGTON — White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that the White House has, in fact, been reaching out to the man who saved the day at the Waffle House shooting.

Anti-President Trump reporter April Ryan badgered Sanders about Trump’s inability to meet with James Shaw Jr. who pried the gun out of the Waffle House shooter’s hands and threw it over the counter, saving lives in the process.

The mainstream media has been livid about Trump not meeting with Shaw, but apparently the White House has been trying to meet with the hero, and just hasn’t made it happen yet.

“My understanding is that there has been an outreach effort to bring him here to the White House and I’ll keep you updated on that as I have more information,” Sanders said in response to Ryan’s question.

The liberal mainstream media is using the Waffle House shooting to advocate against family members being allowed to exchange guns with each other, because the Waffle House shooter’s father allegedly gave the young man his guns back after the man was stopped in the White House months ago.

The mainstream media has also been using the Parkland school shooting to push for gun control, raising the minimum age for firearm purchases to 21, and various other liberty-infringing big government reforms.

Big League Politics reported: 

The mother of a teenager who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting appears to have high level connections at CNN.

“Great VIP tour,” said a post by Rebecca Boldrick showing a series of photos taken in 2016 at CNN world headquarters.

One photo shows her children sitting at an anchor’s desk.
Boldrick is the mother of David Hogg, who has gained internet fame for his activism in the days since the shooting:

The two recently appeared in a nationally televised interview on ABC.

Hogg and his merry band of anti-gun crusaders have been paraded around by nearly every cable news network in America.

Apparently, activism runs in the family. A series of Facebook posts show that Boldrick is an avowed Democrat and anti-Trumper.

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