White House Tweets Video of Maduro Regime Running Down Protesters With Armored Vehicle

White House Tweets Video Maduro Regime

The White House has again condemned the Maduro regime after live video showed an armored vehicle drive directly into a crowd of protesters who were allegedly throwing rocks at the vehicle.

Hours after Venezuelan opposition leader President Juan Guaido began organizing a physical revolt against the communist regime, television cameras captured two armored vehicles driving through a crowd of protesters when one unexpectedly crossed into the next lane and slammed into several protesters.

The protesters were allegedly throwing rocks at the armored vehicles prior to the violent incident. No injuries have been reported from the shocking incident.

As the afternoon went on and the video circulated throughout the Internet on social media, the White House posted a version of the video with the message “This is the corrupt, illegitimate Maduro Regime.”

The text was also written at the end of the video, in English and Spanish.

It appears the socialist dictator, Nicolas Maduro, is finally losing his tenuous control over the poverty stricken nation.

Big League Politics reported earlier today:

The Venezuelan streets have fallen into total chaos, as the regime of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro may finally be crumbling.

US-backed Venezuelan ‘President’ Juan Guaido is making his move against the socialist regime today. He claims the military is firmly behind him as he attempts to officially seize control of the crumbling nation from Maduro.

“The armed forces have taken the right decision,” Guaido said. “With the support of the Venezuelan people and the backing of our constitution, they are on the right side of history.”

“The moment is now,” he said.

Under socialism, Venezuela quickly lost its status as one of the wealthiest nations not only in South America but in the Western hemisphere. Its citizens are now starving in the streets, with little if any food for purchase in supermarkets, and openly protesting the Maduro regime.

President Donald J. Trump has repeatedly condemned the Maduro regime and said it is time for the dictator to acquiesce to Guaido.

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