White Pill: Marketing Executive Who was Fired in Anti-White Purge Wins $10 Million Discrimination Suit

In a rare victory against the anti-white industrial complex, a white male executive who was fired because of his race received a $10 million discrimination settlement. 

David Duvall filed a lawsuit against Novant Health in North Carolina for his firing, which saw him get replaced by two women, one who was black, as a part of a diversity initiative. 

Duvall worked at Novant Health for five years as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication and was even praised for his strong performance.

But as Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News observed, “Duvall was terminated shortly before reaching an anniversary that would have secured him a higher severance pay than he was given.”

Under Novant Health’s “diversity and inclusion program”,  Duvall was “replaced by two women – Kate Everett, a white woman who had worked with him and was promoted to take the role of Chief PR and Communications Officer and Vicky Free, a black woman who was given the role of Chief Marketing Officer,” according to a report by Daily Mail.

Duval’s legal counsel made the case that he was fired “because he was a white man” and that the company tossed him to the side so that it could meet a five-year plan to diversify its leadership by 2020.

“They said he wasn’t the only white executive fired; in his complaint, he says the Chief Legal Officer, Medical Group President, Chief Information Officer, Patient Experience Officer and President of Haymarket Medical Center were all replaced either by a black person or a woman in the 12-18 months after him,” the Daily Mail reported.

The jury in this case was convinced that Duvall was fired exclusively because of his race and sex. As a result, the former executive received an award of $10 million in the reverse discrimination lawsuit.

“The jury was clearly sending a message to punish Novant for doing this,” Fox 46 Charlotte’s Seema Iyer observed.

While this victory is very much welcome, the Left will not stop its anti-white purges, be they in the state or corporate sectors. 

Institutionalized anti-white racism will not go away until the Right builds a coherent action plan to defang the Left in all sectors of American society. The fact is that the Left is playing for hegemony and the Right will have to confront it in every corner that the Left has slithered into.

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