White Professor Is Able To Win $750,000 Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Black University

On March 22, 2024, a white former professor at Harris-Stowe State University lost a lawsuit against former theater professor Beverly Brennan. 

Brennan, a former white professor at the historically Black university (HBCU), won a $750,000 settlement in a racial discrimination lawsuit.

The lawsuit was centered on a “hostile work environment” complaint.

“Brennan, who is white, alleged that she was discriminated against based on race and sex,” a report by the Riverfront Times noted. “She also claimed she was retaliated against when she complained of her treatment.”

Beverly Buck Brennan is the daughter of famed sports commentator Jack Buck and sister of sports commentator Joe Buck. She taught speech and theater classes at Harris-Stowe State University from 1993 until 2017. She was the director of the Missouri state school’s speech and theater program. She described most of her time in the university as a dream career. 

However, things began turning for the worst around 2010 when Lateef Adelani assumed the position as the dean of the College of Arts and Science and Dwayne Smith  as the provost for academic affairs. Both Adelani and Smith were defendants in the lawsuitsuit in addition to the school.

Brennan’s legal counsel stated school leaders would ask the professor’s colleagues if they were with “them.” In other words, if they were  “white teachers,” or with “us.”

Brennan plans on donating the money to the theater department. “Despite the challenges she faced, Brennan has decided to donate the entirety of her award to the Harris-Stowe Theater Department, demonstrating her commitment to fostering a positive educational environment,” Fox 2 stated.

Such a victory is very uncommon in the modern-day anti-white polity that is the US. However, there still remains a nominal respect for the rule of law in the country. As long as that sliver of order exists, there still exists a possibility, albeit a small one, that justice is being brought to whites who are unjustly harmed by the anti-white system. 

In light of this development, the Right must continue defending whites from bad work environments and persecution. When the Right sits on the sidelines, the Left wins. Plain and simple. 

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