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Border Security

Who Will be the Next Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security?

President Trump’s decision on who to nominate for next Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security will be crucial.



Having secured the resignation of pro-mass migration and open borders incumbent Kristjen Nielsen as DHS Secretary, President Donald Trump now stands at a crucial point in executing the ‘America First’ vision of immigration policy he campaigned on in 2016.

Personnel is policy, and it’s absolutely essential that President Trump nominate a candidate for the office that shares his immigration policy views. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has wide powers over federal immigration policy. Under Nielson, the Department failed to deter record-setting levels of illegal migration across the southern border.

Here’s a look at four potential candidates for President Trump to nominate to the position.

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Kris Kobach

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Kobach is a former Kansas Secretary of State known for advancing bold new ideas to fight back against the illegal immigration epidemic. He’s been mentioned as a potential candidate for an entirely new ‘immigration czar’ position proposed within the Trump administration, thus making him a strong possibility for the DHS vacancy. Kobach has already been brought up as the most obvious slam dunk choice for the President to nominate.

Lee Francis Cissna

Cissna currently serves in the Trump administration as the Director of United States Citizenship and and Immigration Services, a subdivision of DHS. He’s been referred to as one of the few high-level Trump administration officials actively working to advance the ball on the President’s America First immigration agenda, and would potentially be capable of entering the role of DHS Secretary with a familiarity in working within the current federal bureaucratic structure.

Stephen Miller

Miller is a White House Policy Advisor known for his persistence in pushing President Trump to fulfill his pro-American immigration policy promises. He’s been able to outlast other immigration patriots within the White House such as Stephen Bannon, and has become a target of hatred from the progressive left for his drive to implement immigration restrictionism. Miller would possibly be more difficult to confirm in the U.S Senate than some of the other candidates, but has shown a propensity to advance the ball on America First immigration policy even when it’s personally inconvenient. If he left the White House to take the DHS role, it would potentially leave a gaping hole for immigration patriots close the President, but it could be worth the sacrifice.

Jeff Sessions

Sessions’ personal dispute with the President from his tenure as Attorney General is well-known. President Trump was rightly ticked off when Sessions allowed a now-discredited Russia witch hunt to get out of hand by unnecessarily recusing himself from legal oversight. However, it’s not entirely impossible that both Sessions and Trump could look beyond the feud to move forward on the immigration policies both have championed in the past, and Sessions was known for cracking down on sanctuary cities and human trafficking as Attorney General.

President Trump’s selection for DHS Secretary is absolutely essential towards executing his signature campaign policies. Following through on an effective candidate now could make the difference between delivering the immigration agenda Americans were promised in 2016, or more empty bureaucracy that immigration patriots came to expect from Nielsen’s tenure.

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Border Security

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Some Republicans want to water down the proposal.



As a battle over a strong statewide E-Verify law heats up in Tallahassee, Florida Governor Rick DeSantis is cautioning Republicans who seek to neuter the law over the ire they’ll face from conservative voters.

Florida is set to pass a E-Verify law that will prevent businesses from hiring illegal immigrants as workers. Currently in the Florida Senate committee process, big business interests are seeking to institute special exemptions for industries that commonly hire illegals.

DeSantis is pushing back hard against the effort to put free passes in the legislation for the agricultural industry. Another area of contention is over the law’s enforcement mechanism. Elements seeking to neuter the Florida E-Verify system want employers to merely promise they aren’t hiring illegals, as opposed to making them definitively prove it.

DeSantis was clear about warning Republicans who try to neuter the e-Verify proposal when speaking to the press outside of the state capital on Wednesday.

DeSantis’ warning to Republicans who tacitly support giveaways of cheap labor and non-enforcement of immigration law should be taken seriously by any legislator who considers themselves a conservative, and relies upon a conservative constituency.

Senator Tom Lee, who represents Florida’s 20th district, is cautioning that Governor DeSantis could veto the entire bill and force lawmakers to start over if they stuff it full of exemptions for scofflaw big business interests. He says that the effort to make employers merely promise to hire illegals is no different than instituting an impotent “honor system.”

The law currently will mandate that businesses in Florida verify their employees’ legal status by July of 2022.

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