Whoopi STILL Absent From ‘The View’ Since Behar Blackface Photo Re-Emerged

Star co-host of ABC’s “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, missed her fourth straight show Monday morning, coinciding with the resurfacing of co-host Joy Behar’s blackface photo last week.

On Tuesday, a photo emerged of Behar dressed in blackface, which she discussed openly on the show in 2016. Goldberg has not made an appearance on the show since.

CNN pundit Ana Navarro sent a message Monday that she misses Goldberg on “The View.”

Friday, as Goldberg missed her third straight show, Behar told the audience that Goldberg was still “under the weather,” the same reasoning for which Behar said she had missed the two previous shows.

“Whoopi is still under the weather, so we hope she gets well soon and comes right back here where she usually is,” Behar explained.

Goldberg was once again absent Monday morning.

“If you still need to satisfy your Whoopi fix while she’s gone, pick up this month’s Garage Magazine where she talks about her unique sense of style,” Behar said. “There are things going around right now, so take care of yourselves – don’t shake hands with everybody.”

Big League Politics reported Thursday:

Whoopi Goldberg, a regular co-host of ABC’s show “The View,” has been absent from the show since Wednesday morning, just after the resurfacing of co-host Joy Behar’s blackface photos Tuesday.

“Whoopi has a day off,” Behar said at the opening of Wednesday’s show. “I think she has – she’s under the weather a little bit, I think.”

Thursday, she did not appear on the show either.

“So, Whoopi is still under the weather,” Behar said Thursday. “She doesn’t feel well, sorry to say. She’ll be back maybe Monday – maybe, I don’t know.”

BLP will keep monitoring the Goldberg situation, with hopes that she will soon reappear to ask Behar if wearing blackface is acceptable.

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