Whoops! Democrat Judge Accidentally Resigns from Office in Texas

A Harris County judge, who has been in office for less than three months, resigned without even knowing it.

By sharing his plans to run for the Supreme Court of Texas, Democrat Bill McLeod will have to resign from his position at the Harris County Civil Court Law Number Four per the Texas Constitution.

According to Article 16, Section 65 of the Texas constitution, judges of county courts at law who announce their candidacy for another office must automatically resign.

According to KHOU News, McLeod posted his future plans to run for the state supreme court online.

County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office will send this matter over to country commissioners in a meeting on April 8, 2019.

Despite receiving more than half of Harris County voters’ support in last election cycle, Judge McLeod could be on his way out of office thanks to his announcement.

Now Judge McLeod is scrambling to get supporters to help his cause.

A McLeod supporter, Daniel Cohen, said “Democracy, fairness, justice, the will of the people all of that is tied up in this decision by the (Harris County) commissioners.”

KHOU News legal analyst Gerald Treece pointed out that “the constitution also allows county commissioners, given charge over appointing replacements, authority to keep McLeod as a holdover until there is a special election.”

Cohen added, “I think that’s a perfectly legal option and (commissioners) should take it.”

McLeod, who’s already in hot water over his candidacy announcement, declined to be interviewed.

His supporters have continued coming to his defense.

Pro-McLeod supporter, Kandice Webber said, “Our judges are human.”

She continued, “This would not be the first time that a judge has made a mistake. I would beg the court to leave him where he is. This is where Houstonians want him. This is where Harris County wants him, and we made that very loud and clear at the ballot.”

This event does not bode well for the rule of law in Texas.

“Beto” O’Rourke’s campaign solidified a “blue wave” in Texas urban centers across the state, which saw numerous State House, Senate, and even court seats flip blue.

Should this trend continue, Texas could go the way of Florida when it comes to issues like gun control and gradually bow down to leftist pressure.

Many conservative and libertarian activists are starting to realize the importance of local elections and are preparing to make their presence felt down ballot in the 2020.

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