Why Are All These Blue Checkmarks Suddenly Pro-War?

President Trump announced yesterday that all US troops will be returning home from Syria.

Everyone should be happy, right?

In the wake of the announcement, many blue check marks have taken to Twitter to state how displeased they are with the fact that American troops will no longer be fighting in Syria.

In contrast, most of these same individuals advocated troops turning home and the end of all wars. What changed? Why are they all suddenly pro-war?

One word: Trump.

Let’s see what they said just a few years ago:

Rachel Maddow’s 2012 book on pulling troops from unnecessary wars:

The difference in Tweets from the “make love, not war” crowd in just a few years is astounding. Not too long ago they were pleading for troops to leave the Middle East and return home.

Now, they are shaming President Trump for bringing troops back to the States. Do they care about the safety and wellbeing of our armed forces? Or is bringing Trump down their number one goal?

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