Why Does Team DeSantis Want Conservatives to Cheer On Big Tech Censorship?

Team Ron DeSantis is championing Big Tech censorship on Twitter, championing the “community notes” feature that is regularly being used as a bludgeon against Donald Trump.

Since technocrat Elon Musk took over Twitter, Orwellian fact checks have been replaced by “community notes” in which the thought controllers provide a counter-narrative to posts that are handpicked by the thought police.

DeSantis propaganda minister Christina Pushaw is raving about this new age of censorship pushed by Big Tech:

Even though Pushaw likes to push Twitter’s community notes as a panacea because they benefit her candidate, there has been a great bias in how Twitter’s censorship regime has been deployed, which many researchers on the platform have demonstrated:

Big League Politics has reported on how the political establishment is coalescing around DeSantis in order to stop Trump’s America First movement and divert Republican politics back to the ‘good ol’ days’ of Bushism:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is quickly becoming the favorite of the globalist RINO mega donors who want to “move on” from Donald Trump.

Ken Griffin, a globalist RINO mega donor, talked to Politico about why he is backing DeSantis because he sees him as the vehicle to move on from Trump and his brand of populism that has made the GOP less hospitable for soulless corporations that have sold America down the river.

“He did a lot of things really well and missed the mark on some important areas,” Griffin said. “And for a litany of reasons, I think it’s time to move on to the next generation.”

Griffin has given $5 million to DeSantis’ gubernatorial re-election campaign in Florida. He is hoping that by buying favor with DeSantis, he can convince him to run in 2024 in an attempt to end the Trump revolution.

“Would I support him? The bigger question is, is he going to run? That bridge has to be crossed,” he said.

“He has a tremendous record as governor of Florida, and our country would be well-served by him as president,” Griffin added.

It is clear Donald Trump is intending to run for president again in 2024 from the comments he has made.

“Everybody, I promise you, in the very next — very, very, very short period of time, you’re going to be happy,” Trump said. “But first we have to win a historic victory for Republicans on Nov. 8.”

In addition to the RINO megadonors, the notorious former House Majority Leader Paul Ryan is also on board for DeSantis in 2024.

Team DeSantis supports Orwellian censorship because his presidential campaign is a continuation of the globalist neocon RINO agenda. Community notes must be rejected on Twitter. Only total free speech is acceptable.

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