Why Doug Collins for Senate 2022 Needs To Happen

After the Republicans lost both key senate races in the Georgia 2020 runoff elections the GOP establishment immediately tried to put the blame on Donald Trump and the America First movement. Then, after the January 6th incident, the true face of the D.C. swamp class was fully revealed as high profile republican officials such as then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Never-Trumper Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) smearing Donald Trump and the populist movement he inspired.

What they stubbornly failed to realize is that the loss of the critical senate seats did not come from too much MAGA; to the contrary, the losses can be plainly attributed to the party fixtures not supporting Donald Trump and his America First agenda enough.

The evidence of this is clear when one examines the polling data for Republican voters even after January 6th  with the vast majority of the Republican rank and file members still supporting the President and holding a favorable view of him.

Indeed, when Liz Cheney did publicly denounce Donald Trump there was massive back lash from the Republican base in her own state of Wyoming, with the Wyoming GOP even censuring her and calling on supporting a primary challenge against her in the 2022 midterm. This demonstrates the clear divide in mindset between the Republican rank and file and the party leadership.  

The establishment has failed to realize that the party went through a major tectonic ideological shift in 2016 with Donald Trump shifting the mindset of the rank and file away from the failed McCain and Mitt Romney playbook to a nationalist populist vision. This failed realization by the establishment and its direct interference in selecting a candidate that didn’t appeal to the base for the Georgia election is why the party lost big in 2020.   

Donald Trump wanted Doug Collins to be the Senator for Georgia. This is a well-established fact. When the Senate seat opened up and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was tasked with appointing someone to fill it; Donald Trump suggested then Congressmen Doug Collins. Collins is a grassroots conservative, avid defender of the President during the impeachment hoax, and has solid name brand recognition throughout the Peach State. President Trump lobbied aggressively for Collins to fill the role, having multiple conversations with Kemp, and even flying Kemp to D.C. to have a sit down meeting to pressure him to pick Collins.

In the end, Kemp decided to ignore Trumps wishes and selected a women’s basketball team owner named Kelly Loeffler. Up to that point Loeffler had never even donated a penny to the Republican Party and was actually known to support Democrat candidates. Perhaps Kemp thought she would appeal to centrist and suburban women voters, but that was clearly a political miscalculation. In fact over 500,000 fewer republican voters showed up for the Georgia run-off election because they weren’t excited about Loeffler or Perdue. Why would they be; they didn’t reflect the America First values of the Republican base.

This is why that we need to encourage America First candidates such as Doug Collins to run for office and help keep the MAGA movement alive, because the Republican Party has been the party of do nothings for too long. That trend was broken with Donald Trump and the America First agenda, and the lesson of this HUGE success should convince the Grand Old Party to get back to its conservative values and put America First.             

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