Why is Chip Roy Defending John McCain?

Freshmen Republican Congressmen are obsessing over John McCain’s legacy.

It’s well documented that Representatives like Dan Crenshaw aren’t much to write home about in terms of policies that will actually bring the country back to its limited government roots. In fact, he was one of the first to defend McCain’s legacy when Trump slammed McCain this week.

However Crenshaw was not alone.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX21 ) joined the McCain praise fest.

Roy went on Twitter to express his disapproval with Trump’s tweets:

I disagree with the POTUS standing in front of M1A1 Abram tanks & the American flag and spending time trashing POW veteran and former US Senator McCain, and as Commander-in-Chief characterizing our time fighting in the Middle East as an unqualified disaster.

Although Roy’s response was relatively tame, it is still concerning that he feels the need to defend John McCain.

McCain’s legacy is one of shilling for legacy institutions like the military-industrial complex, championing military adventure in the Middle East, and maintaining the U.S. open border status quo.

To his credit, Roy has worked diligently to address the crisis at the border. In fact, Roy has gone above and beyond the call of duty by introducing legislation to declare drug cartels foreign terrorists organizations..

Additionally, Roy at least recognizes that  we should “re-think our strategy & engagement” in the Middle East.

On top of that, he has signaled his support for Trump’s policies:

I have stood by the President and will continue to do so when it comes to policies that will secure the border, drain the swamp, restore fiscal sanity, and establish healthcare freedom.

Roy should continue working proactively like he has on the issue of cartels and completely leave behind the establishment virtue signaling.

It’s a new era in D.C. and it’s time to stop invoking ghosts of the past.

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