Why is Justin Amash Endorsing Social Engineering?

On February 13, 2020, Michigan Congressman Justin Amash endorsed the idea of establishing an Equal Rights Amendment.

Under the ERA, the government would allegedly guarantee equal legal rights for all Americans regardless of their sex.

Amash tweeted, “Equality before the law is fundamental to the Rule of Law and foundational to liberty. The Constitution exists to protect our liberty, so I have long advocated including a federal equal protection clause in the Constitution.”

He added, “Drafting a new nondiscrimination amendment would allow us to enshrine our modern understanding of equal protection as preventing all arbitrary discrimination by government, and it would allow states to consider the proposal without being under a constitutionally dubious deadline.”

Amash’s support for the ERA is indicative of the leftward lurch he taken as evidenced by supporting the impeachment of President Donald Trump and voting for legislation that would have funded transgender surgeries for members of the military.

The ERA is one of the biggest pet projects of the cultural Left.

They were able to score major victories by establishing forced integration, the 1965 Immigration Act, and affirmative action throughout the 1960s.

However, they did fail trying to ratify the ERA during the 1970s. But that has not stopped in recent times.

Now the Left has a new ally in Amash, who used to be a solid libertarian conservative.

Ratifying the ERA will only consolidate the managerial state’s hold over the private affairs of Americans and usher in more social radicalism via public administration.

Given Amash’s liberty background, he should think twice before endorsing the ERA.

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