Why The Left Really Wants You To Believe SCOTUS’ Ruling Against Affirmative Action Is ‘Racist’

The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action is being praised by one side and blasted as “racist” by the other.

How a ruling that is meant to promote individuals based on merit (something one can control) versus the basis of their skin color and or sexual orientation (something one cannot control) as “racist” is nothing more than leftist dogma.

As Big League Politics reported last week, the left, as everyone could have expected, is in ultimate freak out mode over the recent SCOTUS ruling. Even though most Americans agree with conservative justices on affirmative action decision

Primary because left-wing talking heads understand what this ruling will mean for race-based affirmative action policies across all institutions in the future.

Race-based affirmative action policies, or more like anything-but-White polices, have been used to aid people of color or with minority status with gaining status in prominent institutions based on skin color or how they choose to identify. 

Regarding admissions at places like Harvard, these policies have affected Asian Americans too. Bumping out qualified candidates based on skin color in place of someone more “disenfranchised.” 

The premise of these policies is simple and discriminatory: Anything a White and Asian Americans achieved was “given” to them by a racist society. While anything a minority did not achieve was also based on a broken, systematically racist society.

The only thing truly racist here was the affirmative action policies that overlooked merit for status. Initiatives that judge individuals not on what they can achieve but on what they are owed and should have achieved had they been born different.

As we will witness in the coming months, the left will do and say everything they can to discredit this decision by SCOTUS. They will rant and rave about how this puts minorities at a disadvantage and give example after example of isolated cases involving someone who had everything taken away from them because of this ruling.

All those woes couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, they are the opposite. 

America used to be a place that applauded success no matter where a person came from or what they were born with. This decision is a step in the right direction for achieving this nation’s founding principles: equal opportunity for all. 

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