Wikipedia Runs Cover For Kamala By Deleting Bad Stuff From Her Page

Wikipedia editors are running cover for Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Harris was photographed rallying with Jussie Smollett two weeks before his hate hoax as Harris was pushing an anti-lynching bill. Harris, descended from a Jamaican slave owner, presented herself as an “Indian” candidate while talking to Indian-oriented press in 2016, despite now presenting herself as a black civil rights champion. And Harris still faces concerns about her covering up illegal wiretaps in Riverside County during her time as California attorney general.

Here is Harris’ Wikipedia page from January completely screenshotted, for comparison:

Kamala Harris – Wikipedia

Our tipster tells Big League Politics on July 12:

“They watered down her connection to Willie Brown and moved it from the front of the page to the bottom.
They removed her demotion of pro law enforcement assistant DA Paul Cummins.
They removed her endorsements of Democrat Betty Yee (who had campaign violations) and Democrat Sandra Fluke (who had a bizarre story about her college sex practices).
They removed her endorsement of Republican Bonnie Dumanis.
They removed her actions in stalling the release of Daniel Larsen who was sentenced to 28 years to life for the three strikes law.
They removed sentence about her interview with Matt Lauer.”

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