Wild Conspiracy Theories Fly on NPR as Guest Suggests Trump Could Test Chemical Weapons on Citizens

Radio Host and American patriot Alex Jones has been shamed, chastised, and labeled a “conspiracy theorist” for suggesting far less than what a liberal National Public Radio guest said on Friday.

Liza Goitein, a purported “expert on emergency powers” at the leftist Brennan Center for Justice, named for Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, joined NPR’s “All Things Considered,” funded by your tax dollars, to scaremonger about President Donald J. Trump’s state of emergency declaration.

Friday’s NPR show certainly lived up to its name.

“When the president declares a national emergency, he has access to powers contained in more than a hundred different laws that Congress has passed over the decades. And those laws basically represent Congress’s best guess as to powers that the president might need in an emergency, in a situation where Congress didn’t have time to act,” Goitein explained.

Shortly thereafter, the interview went off the rails.

“But there are powers here that would allow the president to shut down communications facilities, radio stations, to freeze Americans’ bank accounts and seize their assets,” she said. “There are powers that allow the president, believe it or not, to suspend the prohibition on government testing of chemical weapons and biological agents on unwitting human subjects. So it’s really extraordinary what some of these powers would allow.”

Obviously, anyone right-of-center would be crucified by the media for floating such a wild conspiracy theory. At no point during the interview did Goitein manage to explain that President Barack H. Obama declared 13 national emergencies – 11 of which are still active – and that there are currently 31 active national emergencies in effect from past presidents. The NPR host did not bother to bring that up, either.

Shockingly, none have resulted in the federal government testing chemical weapons on its citizens.

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