Will Donald Trump Select Texas Governor Abbott As a Potential Vice Presidential Pick?

Former President Donald Trump declared that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is “absolutely” on his short list of potential vice presidential candidates after visiting the state’s border security operations in Eagle Pass on February 29, 2024. 

“Certainly he would be somebody that I would very much consider,” Trump remarked about Abbott, who he stated has “done a great job” and is a “spectacular man.”

Trump made these remarks during a joint appearance with the Texas governor on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. Hannity questioned Trump if he would potentially entertain the idea of selecting Abbott as vice president.

“I’ve been hearing that more and more from friends of mine,” Trump remarked. “After the show, I think I’m going to hear it a lot more, too.”

On March 1, Abbott stated his concentration is “entirely on the state of Texas.”

“Obviously it’s very nice of him to say,” Abbott commented, when inquired about Trump’s remarks during another press conference. “As you know, I’m working right now on the midterm election process. I’ve already talked about, that I’ve announced that I’m running for reelection two years from now. And so my commitment is to Texas, and I’m staying in Texas.”

The show was recorded after Trump visited Shelby Park, a stretch of border Texas took control of in January to carry out its border operations. The public park has been host to a standoff between Abbott and the Biden regime, as state troops have barred Border Patrol agents from apprehending and processing migrants there. Trump congratulated Texas for its attempts to crack down on migrant crossings and likened the situation at the Mexican border to a “war.”

Abbott is all over the place. Due to grassroots pressure from disgruntled conservative voters, Abbott has been able to deliver on some issues ranging from the passage of the Constitutional Carry to the implementation of age verification standards for web standards. 

In all honesty, Trump could do better. If he was truly America First, Trump would select the likes of Douglas Macgregor to this position. However, that is unlikely at this point, much to the chagrin of many genuine, America First nationalists. 

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