Will Italy Exit the EU Because of its Lackluster Response to the Wuhan Flu?

Affar Italiani reports that leader of the Italian political party League and former Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini recently announced a possible withdrawal of Italy from the European Union due to its sluggish response to the Wuhan Virus.

“This is crazy. Europe needs another fifteen days to decide what to do, whether to help, whom and how. In the midst of an emergency when people die, now from pneumonia, tomorrow, possibly from poverty,”  the politician stated

Salvini cited Italy’s confrontation with the EU over aid to fight against the Wuhan virus and the refusal of Germany and other Northern European countries to help Italy as reasons for the southern European country leaving the EU and the eurozone.

“This is a den of snakes and jackals. First we defeat the virus, then remember Europe. And, if necessary, we say goodbye. Without even thanking,” the former Minister of Internal Affairs asserted.

The EU used to serve a purpose as a common market for European members states and a cohesive political unit the prevented fratricidal wars between European states.

It could also serve as a civilizational defense bloc against the potential hordes of African and Islamic migrants that will continue coming into the region thanks to its lax border policies and the demographic realities in these regions — booming populations which many of these Third World countries cannot accommodate.

Salvini has every reason to be concerned.

If the EU cannot fulfill the most basic of government functions — protecting its members — Italy should leave and craft its own strategic regional bloc with countries that are serious about protecting their national sovereignty.

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