Will You Boycott ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Where They Kill Off Roseanne?

ABC’s zombified version of “Roseanne” premieres Tuesday night with one notable cast member missing: Roseanne Barr, the beloved comedienne who hit #1 on television with her original 1988 series and also with the modern reboot, is out of the cast.

Barr’s character is reportedly being killed off with an opioid overdose, according to Barr, who offended Hollywood by mocking Barack Obama henchwoman Valerie Jarrett. Now ABC executives are getting nervous that the American people are not going to play along with their politicized sitcom spawn, “The Conners.”

I explain the challenges faced by Barr during this ugly Hollywood process. Barr said that she will be in Israel during the series premiere, far away from the prying agenda-driven lens of the Hollywood tabloid complex:

Barr gave an interview with Dr. Oz, saying that her tweet directed at Valerie Jarrett helped to awaken the people.

Jarrett made moves to undermine the United States and Israel during her tenure as White House adviser, weaponizing domestic government entities like the IRS against political opponents and going out of her way to embolden Iran. Obama shipped billions of taxpayer dollars to Iran in the form of cash pallets.

“That is the left’s definition of racism, is to be a Jew who supports Israel…” Barr said. “It’s not my business what other people think.”

“I feel like I woke people up to the reality of the existential threat to my people,” she said.

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