William Barr: ‘I Don’t Subscribe To This Lock Her Up Stuff’

President Trump’s attorney general nominee William Barr used the targeting of political enemies to say that he does not agree with the “Lock Her Up” chant directed at Hillary Clinton.

This, after he said that he does not believe in selective prosecutions.

Lindsey Graham has assured America that Barr is a good friend of Robert Mueller. Graham, focused on protecting Mueller with bills in Congress, is using the special counsel to try to keep Trump on a leash, even though everybody knows that the Russia case is a hoax.

Graham is meanwhile using Sean Hannity’s show to present himself as a MAGA supporter while he works his hooks into Trump. Graham has been putting pro-amnesty provisions into the bills that Jared Kushner is pushing.

Washington is a terrible place.

President Trump’s supporters are committed to law and order and hope that William Barr, if confirmed, will run a department that won’t go around vindictively targeting people all the time. Rush Limbaugh shruggingly said that Trump picked him.