WINNING: Fake News is Forced to Cover #EpsteinCoverUp After Veritas Video Goes Mega Viral on Social Media

After yesterday’s explosive disclosure by Project Veritas, the fake news has been forced to take notice of the #EpsteinCoverUp.

Veritas released a video on Tuesday of ABC News anchor Amy Robach explaining how a story about deceased sex predator Jeffrey Epstein was shelved in 2016 following various threats. Robach also explained in the video why she believes Epstein did not commit suicide, which has been widely reported as the official story by the fake news. An unnamed insider leaked the video to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, and he exposed it to the world via social media.

The initial video has already received nearly five million views in just one day on Twitter, as it has gone massively viral and put the story of Epstein’s mysterious death back into the public conscience.

CNN, the worldwide leader in fake news, reported about the cover-up but refused to give James O’Keefe or Project Veritas any credit for breaking the story:

The far-left Daily Beast was forced to cover the story as well:

A story about the Epstein cover-up was published in the Hollywood Reporter too:

Even globalist Jeff Bezos’ lobbying rag, the Washington Post, had to spread the truth because of O’Keefe’s scoop:

The truth about the Epstein cover-up has spread despite interference from monolithic tech corporations. Twitter had Epstein’s name spelled incorrectly in their trending news feature while YouTube blocked the video from appearing on its trending news feature despite amassing nearly 2 million views on the platform.

“I don’t understand why this isn’t trending,” O’Keefe said in a video that he posted Monday evening on Twitter. “YouTube is burying this. Why isn’t this trending? … You have a bunch of videos here, some of which have tens-of-thousands of views. This one is actually about this ABC video but it’s not our video. It’s Fox News’ video covering our video!”

This case shows the power of social media to shape the narrative despite incredible institutional push-back from the world’s most powerful entities. Veritas has shown how the independent media does a better job of informing the public than all of the corporate fake news providers combined.

Tech censorship has become increasingly prevalent since the election of President Donald Trump because institutional power wants to keep stories like the Epstein cover-up under wraps. The establishment is scrambling to shut the gates, but entities like Project Veritas are making it impossible for them to do so.

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