WINNING: Mitt Romney Goes Pro-Wall After Trump Pressures Him

Utah’s incoming senator Mitt Romney came out in favor of President Donald Trump’s border wall after the president and the president’s supporters expressed their extreme displeasure with Romney’s criticism of Trump.

“I would vote for the border wall. That’s been part of my platform for many, many years. I think we should have a border wall on our southern border…That’s necessary but insufficient,” Romney said in his interview Thursday with CNN’s Jake Tapper. (15:55 Mark In Video Below)

President Trump pressured Romney to support border security on Twitter.

Romney declined to endorse Trump for president in 2020 and said that he is waiting to see what the “alternatives” are to Trump, but said that “I am not running again.” He made reference to a potential Republican primary.

I wrote Tuesday night:

Utah’s incoming senator Mitt Romney fills the position that everyone knew he was going to fill: NeverTrump “Republican” that the mainstream media can point to in their attacks on President Donald Trump.

“The Trump presidency made a deep descent in December” said Mitt in a Washington Post op-ed, referring to the fact that President Trump is actually winning on his America First priorities like ending the Never Ending Wars. Romney also said that Trump has not risen to the “mantle” of the presidency.

It’s all annoying nonsense, but it will get the chattering classes excited and the press talking for probably a few straight days.

With Jeff Flake making an unceremonious exit, Romney is now going to be even more insufferable, because the political class wants him to run in 2020, either as a GOP primary challenger to Trump or — get this — as Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democrat side on a Swamp Unity ticket.

I reported on former Jeb! Bush adviser and current Biden Institute adviser Juleanna Glover’s op-ed for Politico in which she argues for a Biden-Romney unity ticket.

The whole thing seems confusing to the American people, because the media hated Mitt Romney in 2012 because they wanted Barack Obama to win. Now, get ready for two years of the media loving Mitt Romney and thinking he’s awesome.

It’s irritating, but this is what the Washington political class does. It is still unclear how much the American people will be forced to actually pay attention to the mainstream media and their celebrated Swamp figures during the 2020 campaign, but we will find out as we go along just how much Trump has weakened this sinister, corrupt infrastructure.

Check out Mother Jones‘ 2012 piece on how Mitt Romney invested in Stericycle, the notorious company that disposed of aborted babies.

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