WINNING: While a Sham Impeachment is Voted in the House, the Senate Continues Trump-izing the Federal Courts

While everyone is obsessing over the recent impeachment drama, Senator Mitch McConnell is helping President Donald Trump re-shape the federal judiciary.

Burgess Everett of Politico tweeted “Beginning at 10:30 a.m., the Senate will begin voting on judges every two hours. There are 13 District judges tee’d up.”

Everett added, “Let’s see how long senators can keep it up before Democrats relent or Republicans give up and move on.”

Mitch McConnell recently published a memoir, The Long Game: A Memoir, where he detailed his focus on the judiciary.

President Donald Trump wrote in the introduction, “Mitch recognized, as I did, that since judges enjoy life tenure, the impact of judicial nominations can be felt for 30 years or more.”

So far, 120 district judges, 50 Appeals Court judges, and 2 Supreme Court justices have been appointed under the Trump administration’s watch.

This has been one of the high points of the Trump administration.

An independent judiciary is one of the hallmarks of America’s political experiment and way to maintain the rule of law.

By keeping judicial activists off of the federal courts, America can at least stave off leftist assaults on the constitution for the next decade or so.

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