Wisconsin Leftists Destroy Statue of Union Officer, Anti-Slavery Activist

Left-wing cultural criminals showed their abject ignorance and intolerance during a statue destruction operation in Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday night, destroying a statue of a decorated Union Army Officer who served in the Civil War and was a prolific anti-slavery activist before it.

The statue of Hans Christian Heg, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States who was one of Wisconsin’s most decorated Civil War heroes in the Civil War, was dismounted from its mount at the town square and rolled into the nearby Lake Monona.

The statue of the American patriot, who lost his life after sustaining mortal wounds in the crucial 1863 Battle of Chickamauga, was beheaded before the cultural fanatics dumped it into the lake. The phrase “Black is Beautiful” was spraypainted onto the mount of Heg’s statue.

Before the Civil War, Heg led a local group of ‘Wide Awakes,’ an abolitionist group aligned with the Republican Party that sought to assist black slaves fleeing mercenary slave catchers.

The mob of thugs also destroyed the community’s “Forward” statue, which commemorates the progress of women in Wisconsin.

Reports indicate the mob may have damaged a city building.

One would think the Left would hang its head in shame after abolishing a statue of Civil War hero and U.S. President Ulysses Grant, but it appears one Union Army hero being desecrated isn’t enough for the hardcore leftist ideologues who seek to purge any mention of the United States’ national heroes from memory.

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