Wisconsin Majority Leader Says There is ‘Zero Percent’ Chance of Passing Election Decertification

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin state assembly voted to move a privileged resolution forward that would decertify the 2020 presidential election that was marred with fraud. 

“Wisconsin election reform and reclaiming the electoral ballots for President and Vice President that were certified under fraudulent intent and purpose,” the resolution states.

The resolution, sponsored by Asm. Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport), would set the stage for the state’s 10 electors to be flipped back to Trump. Unfortunately, the resolution is set to die in the Assembly Rules Committee.

Asm. Jim Steineke (R- Kaukauna), who leads the Rules Committee and serves as Majority Leader in the Wisconsin assembly, has said that there is “zero chance [he] will pass” the measure through his committee.

“Rep Ramthun just attempted to pass an Assembly resolution to recall WI’s presidential electors,” Steineke wrote. “Not only is it illegal, it’s just plain unconstitutional. As chair of the Rules Committee, there is ZERO chance I will advance this illegal resolution. #EndofStory.”

Additionally, Ramthun is being trashed by other GOP legislative leaders in Wisconsin for leading the charge against election fraud. Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) deprived Ramthun of his only staffer, and the GOP assembly leadership team backed Vos’ decision in a statement.

“No matter how much Rep. Ramthun and his staffer believe what they are saying is true, it does not make it so,” the statement said. “Sending out communications full of lies is doing disservice to all voters. With so much information to parse through on the internet and in traditional media, we all must do a better job of listening and communicating.”

Big League Politics has reported on the immense amount of fraud that occurred in Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election:

A disability service coordinator in the area around Milwaukee, Wisc. has come forward to blow the whistle about how disabled people were vote harvested by Democrat operatives. They apparently had no problem exploiting these vulnerable individuals to make sure they voted Biden whether they wanted to or not.

Dan O’Donnell at News Talk 1130 told the story of this whistleblower who is coming forward to expose the ruthlessness of Democrat Party activists who have made a mockery of the electoral process.

“I haven’t been able to see them in person since March because of COVID, but we do Zoom calls regularly,” said the whistleblower, going by the alias of “Susan” to protect her identity against potential left-wing terror. “Right after the election, one of my clients said that he voted for Biden but didn’t want to.”

“He told me that he was sad Biden won because Biden would make his social security payments go down,” Susan added. “I asked him why he voted for Biden if he was worried about that and he said that one of his helpers had filled out his ballot for him.”

After Susan heard the story, she believed that a staff member at the group home may have been responsible. Susan became alarmed when she started hearing the same story repeatedly from her disabled clients.

“I got curious after the first few told me what happened to them so I asked every one of my clients and every single one voted for Biden,” she said. “One gentleman told me, ‘Yeah, they just handed me a ballot that was already filled out.’”

What Susan is describing is an illegal act under state law. Wisconsin Statute 6.875 bars staff members at nursing homes and assisted living facilities from helping patients with their absentee or mail-in ballots. Instead, two “special voting deputies” must be appointed by a municipal clerk or local elections board to oversee absentee voting in these locations…

COVID-19 has been used as an excuse to keep “special voting deputies” out of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Wisconsin. This has resulted in staff workers filling the void, violating the letter of the law, and many of these abuses emerging in a tightly-contested state…

An unnamed Chief Election Observer has also come forward to detail how using COVID-19 to sideline “special voting deputies” opened the door for electoral irregularities. This whistleblower sent a letter to the “Dan O’Donnell Show” detailing how Wisconsin Democrats allowed rampant fraud.

It is clear that the GOP establishment remains gung ho on the issue of ignoring election fraud. It will take nothing short of an army of well-informed, well-organized patriots to prevent something like this from happening again in future elections.

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