Wisconsin Prosecutors Want Kyle Rittenhouse Locked Up for Living in a Safe House Due to Death Threats

Prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisc. are demanding that 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who is charged with murder for shooting ANTIFA thugs dead in self-defense but is now free after posting bond, be thrown in jail because he is residing in a safe house due to death threats received from deranged and psychotic liberals.
The prosecutors demanded on Wednesday for a judge to incarcerate Rittenhouse and issue him a higher bond by $200,000.
“He posted no money so he has no financial stake in the bond,” the prosecutors wrote in their request. “He is already facing the most serious possible criminal charges and life in prison, so in comparison, potential future criminal penalties are insignificant.”

Rittenhouse’s lawyer, Mark Richards, argued in a counter-filing that Rittenhouse should not be punished for protecting his own safety against maniacs wanting to avenge the dead domestic terrorists that were shot dead by Rittenhouse in self-defense.

He said that Rittenhouse is living at an “undisclosed Safe House” and prosecutors refused to keep the location under wraps, perhaps in a deliberate attempt to dox Rittenhouse and make him a sitting duck for leftist retaliation.

“It is noteworthy that the State has only now decided to file a motion to increase bond in this case, despite having corresponded with Attorney Chirafisi regarding the change in Kyle’s residence over two months ago,” Richards wrote.

The prosecutors also brought up in their filing a recent Rittenhouse appearance at a bar in which he was mobbed by adoring fans and took selfies while wearing a “Free as F*ck” t-shirt.

Big League Politics reported on how the biased prosecutors were triggered by Rittenhouse kicking it with some Proud Boys:

Kyle Rittenhouse, out on bond after shooting three ANTIFA rioters and killing two at a Kenosha, Wisc. riot scene last summer, is under scrutiny from authorities for merely having a good time at a bar.

Rittenhouse was at a bar with his mother wearing a “Free as F*ck” t-shirt when he was approached by some local Proud Boys. They took pictures together doing the “OK” symbol, which has become controversial due to left-wing hysteria.

As a result, prosecutors in Kenosha County are hoping to modify Rittenhouse’s bond to prevent the young man from enjoying his freedom. They reportedly want to prevent him from being “serenaded” by Proud Boys and other adoring followers.

“Within a few minutes of entering the bar, the defendant was loudly serenaded by 5 of the adult males with the song “Proud of Your Boy,” which is an obscure song written for the 1992 film, “Aladdin.” The violent white supremacist group called the “Proud Boys” was named after this song, which is sung by its members as an anthem and for self-identification,” the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office wrote.

“The defendant later posed for several photographs with these adults in the bar. In each of these photographs, the defendant and the other adults flashed the “OK” sign used by white supremacists,” they added.

America is still the land of the free, but only if you’re a communist thug, satan worshiper, trans child groomer, anti-white militant, or some other reprobate. Rittenhouse’s defiant act of self-defense is a threat to the system they are hell bent on creating so he must be punished.

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