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Wisconsin Starts Web Portal to Snitch on Citizens Allegedly in Violation of Coronavirus Edicts

The authoritarian response may be worse than coronavirus itself.



A county in Wisconsin has started a web portal that encourages people to snitch on other individuals who do not follow coronavirus edicts issued by the state.

Dane County, Wisc. wants residents to inform on anyone who has more than 10 people gathering at a time, as the Democrat-led state continues to use the Chinese COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to shut down civil society.

Democrat Gov. Tony Evers ordered every bar, restaurant, and mall to close last week, and banned any theater, church, gym, party, arena from having a gathering with more than 10 people. They hope that the citizenry will help enforce these unprecedented authoritarian edicts.

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If Public Health Madison and Dane County find that individuals have violated the mandate, they could receive up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. Critics see this as an egregious violation of civil liberties.

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“The balance between protecting physical security and the security of fundamental individual rights to freely worship, maintain and operate private businesses, and associate on private property is a delicate one,” wrote WISN radio host Dan O’Donnell.

“And as compelling as the need to protect Wisconsin’s citizenry against coronavirus may be, the need to protect the citizenry’s freedom will always take precedence,” he added.

O’Donnell contends that the “right of the collective to security can only infringe on the individual’s right to liberty when that infringement isn’t more restrictive than it needs to be,” but Evers instead decided to “take a sledgehammer to coronavirus instead of using a scalpel.”

Empower Wisconsin Foundation president Eric O’Keefe said: “The dictates of Gov. Evers do nothing to add to our protection. Instead they have seized from all of us our authority to conduct our lives.”

“This is happening in ways invisible to him, as his approach prevents people from making their own decisions about how to survive the loss of their businesses, their jobs, or beloved relatives,” O’Keefe added. “We are social beings. We need others to survive, and we need the freedom to associate with others in order to be fully alive.”

Gov. Evers announced his “Safer at Home” project in a Twitter post on Monday, which completely shutters all so-called non-essential businesses by government force.

“I know this has been difficult and has disrupted the lives of people across our state. That’s why issuing a #SaferAtHome order isn’t something I thought we’d have to do, and it’s not something I take lightly,” Evers wrote in a tweet. “But here’s the bottom line: folks need to start taking this seriously.”

The response to coronavirus may turn out to be far worse for the public health than the pandemic itself.


Gab Temporarily Down as Administrators Investigate Criminal Security Breach

Coordinated hackers are attacking Gab.



The administrators of free speech platform Gab temporarily disabled their platform on Monday, in response to what they’re calling a security breach.

Attracting millions of users after the decline of free speech competitor Parler, Gab has quickly become the target of the internet establishment for serving as the global internet’s de facto free speech forum. Four banks simultaneously closed Gab banks accounts last week, acting in coordination in an all-of-society deplatforming attempt.

A message purportedly from a hacker of sorts appeared on Gab founder Andrew Torba’s account, with the malicious actor making a series of claims about compromising Gab’s security systems. The hacker claims to have accessed verification photos that Gab users have submitted to the platform, potentially accessing the driver’s licenses of Gab users. This likely represents a criminal offense.

Torba earlier referenced “demon hackers” as responsible for the coordinated attack on Gab. As a new platform representing a social media alternative to millions discriminated against by Big Tech, it’s likely that bad actors will continue to attempt to compromise Gab’s systems. It may even be possible that the hackers in question are linked to western governments, which would represent an unprecedented attack on free speech by the power of the state.

Gab is refusing to cave to criminal elements, vowing to return the platform to the internet in its full capacity. Hackers are allegedly demanding a ransom in return for relenting the assault on Gab, in a development that potentially makes them liable to extortion charges.

Big League Politics has requested comment from Gab on the matter and is monitoring the situation.

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