Wisconsin Student Exposes “Blatantly Anti-White Assignment”

University of Wisconsin students were recently mandated to read a “racist and offensive” assignment that depicts “whiteness” as “oppressive,” per a student enrolled in the adult education class.

Grae O’Leary Hosmanek, a graduate student attending the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee campus, informed The College Fix through  email correspondence that the assignment stood out in her “Principles and Foundations of Adult Education” class due to its “blatantly anti-white sentiment.”

“Unlike the others we read that week, which focused on neurology and the learning process (as this is a class on Adult Education), an article with blatantly anti-white sentiment stood out starkly,” she stated.

Education Professor Liliana Mina teaches the spring semester course. It has the goal of introducing “concepts, theories, and principles of adult education; the nature of the adult learning process; and factors that influence and facilitate adult learning,” per a course syllabus that  The Fix was able to acquire.

That said, Hosmanek revealed that an assignment given during the first week of class did not align with these objectives.

The reading that was assigned, “Perspectives in AE – Adult Black males and andragogy: Is there a goodness of fit,” looks at “deficit perspectives of supporting Black males while whiteness and systemic oppression are targeted as barriers to their success,” per a copy of the assignment that the The Fix got its hands on.

Hosmanek highlighted several passages that she viewed as “racist and offensive.” They consisted of the following:

“As a result, the oppressive practice of whiteness creates barriers for populations of color that impede their academic success and employment opportunities. These same marginalized groups are blamed by the dominant culture and even others of color for a plight that is precipitated by the racist practices of Whiteness.”

For Whites, discussions of whiteness remain useless unless their own racist harms and practices are evidenced. If conversations around white privilege are void of self-analysis, transformation is stifled and the systems of oppression are more firmly embedded in the psyche of whites.”

Due to how the professor is black and she is white, Hosmanek has been fearful about approaching Mina about the anti-white passage.

Instead of confronting Mina, Hosmanek revealed that she emailed Susan Donohue Davies, UWM’s assistant director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, but was not satisfied by here response

“I was highly disheartened that such a reading would make it into any UWM course, let alone one that is so blatantly racist and incorrect,” she informed Davies in an email that she sent on February 14. “I feel it is highly inappropriate for a professor to assign a reading attacking individuals on the basis of race.”

Hosmanek showed Davies multiple quotes from the article that she views as “objectively racist and offensive.”

Hosmanek firmly believes that “the only acceptable form of racism is now anti-white racism.”

“I thought we aimed to live in a world where we would be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin, but the only thing that matters now is the color of your skin, and it better not be white,” she concluded.

Anti-white racism is the norm in American educational institutions. That is an indisputable fact. The cultural Left has ensured that such noxious ideas be propagated with virtually little to no resistance. 

Students should obviously resist these programs and expose them so that right-wing media can make a big stink about them.

However, for this anti-white insanity to end, the Right must take political power and thoroughly purge these institutions of leftist influence.

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