With Corporate ‘Pride’ Posts Taking Over Social Media, A Parody Mario and Luigi Kissing Meme Seems Believable

With LGBTTQQIAAP (this is a real acronym) pride month in full swing, dozens of companies are hopping onto the bandwagon to promote it in . . . very creative ways.

Snapchat used pride month as an opportunity to declare that “Love Has No Age,” in an apparent nod to pedophiles (even after their site was labeled as a haven for child abuse), and Budweiser UK used it to praise every sexual orientation under the sun.

So when a Nintendo parody account came out with their own fake pride advert, many couldn’t tell that it is parody.


To those unaware that account is a parody account, the advertisement doesn’t seem out of the question in the age of “social justice” above everything in the business world.

Among those who shared the Tweet are former Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka and conservative commentator Steven Crowder.

Despite the fake advertisement being dumbfounding on its own if it were real, Mario and Luigi are also brothers.

The moral of the story here is that some of the ways companies are pushing Pride Month may be crossing the line. Being unashamed of one’s sexuality is fine. But crossing lines of common decency, or expanding the LGBT acronym to be 10+ letters long might be going too far.

Big League Politics reached out to Jacob Engels, a prominent conservative LGBT activist, who agrees.

“Either you’re a good person or you’re not,” Engels said. “Either it’s a delicious cheeseburger, or it’s disgusting. Either it’s an entertaining video game or it’s not. Not everything needs to be viewed through the lens of the hundred different genders that we are being told we must recognize.”

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