WOKE: MTV Plans First ‘Sexually Fluid’ Bachelor-Style Dating Show

MTV Gender Fluid Dating Show

MTV is planning a dating show where none of the contestants have a gender, or a sexual orientation, or something, as it announces its first “sexually fluid” reality dating show.

For the eighth season of the former music network’s dating show “Are You The One”, all of the participants will be “sexually fluid”, meaning apparently that “there will be no gender limitations” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 16 contestants will “travel to Hawaii” in hopes of meeting Mister or Misses Right, and the winners will split a $1 million prize.

Hollywood Reporter reported:

MTV on Thursday announced the first sexually fluid cast for the upcoming eighth season of their hit reality series Are You the One? hosted by Terrence J.

Following Are You the One?‘s signature format, 16 singles will travel to Hawaii in hopes of finding their “perfect match” and splitting the $1 million cash prize. But, for the first time ever on a dating competition show in the U.S., there will be no gender limitations, as each castmember identifies as sexually fluid.

That’s not all: A “doctor” will also star on the show to educate the contestants about “disaster-dating trends such as ghosting, benching and stashing” and help the contestants avoid these apparent 21st century dating pitfalls.

While some may consider it a cheap attempt at milking the LGBT community for viewership and ad revenue, the both stunning and brave program will apparently allow viewers to experience “coming-out moments” and show the contestants “exploring the intricacies of sexual and gender identity”.

MTV has certainly changed since the 1980s, when it premiered with a controversial format, playing only music videos and occasionally showing blurbs from “video jockeys” to add details and insight about the artists and bands.

As with seemingly every other part of modern culture, MTV has dived deep into the social justice Olympics.

However, there are still moments of sanity on the former music network, as viewers were treated to last year during the MTV Awards when film star Chris Pratt presented a Christian message, telling viewers that “God is real” and that He “loves you.”

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