Woman Charged With Murder for Pushing Elderly Off Bus Freed On Bond

A woman who was recorded pushing an elderly man off a bus and accused of killing the senior citizen was freed on bond Friday.

Las Vegas residents are outraged after Cadesha Bishop, who was arraigned Friday, was released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Surveillance footage shows the 25-year-old suspect pushing 74-year old Serge Fournier out the door of a city bus after he reportedly interrupted her profanity-laced tirade by asking her to be nicer to the other passengers on the bus.

Bishop was “yelling and cursing” at passengers and attacked the elderly man when he interjected, witnesses said.

Fournier then fell to the pavement and fractured his head and hip when he fell. He later died from the injuries in the hospital.

According to the Las Vegas coroner which ruled his death a homicide, Fournier died from “complications of blunt force torso injuries.”

Bishop, who has a criminal record and previously convicted of domestic violence, was charged with murder but was released wearing a “high-level” electric monitoring device. She is slated to appear in court on May 23.

“I think the bail was set too low. I base it on the violent nature of this offense. This was an unprovoked, unnecessary attack on a senior citizen with a walker,” District Attorney Steve Wolfson told WFLA. “We are progressing aggressively with the case and there are always other stages that occur in the case. We can always ask for another judge to review somebody’s custody status.”

Trevor Taylor said he knew Fournier for ten years and wants to see Bishop behind bars.

“Watching it was horrible for me to see. He was a good friend of mine,” Taylor told the network. “Under the circumstances of such a violent act, I would prefer she would be in jail.”

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