Woman Stabs Herself Because She’s ‘Tired of Living in Trump’s Country’

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According to a Thursday report, a Florida woman stabbed herself three times in the stomach because she is tired of living President Donald J. Trump’s America.

“A Florida woman told police that she stabbed herself in the stomach with a kitchen knife because, ‘I’m tired of living in Trump’s country, I’m tired of Trump being president,'” The Smoking Gun reported.

The police report said that the Palmetto, Fla. woman had blood all over her “legs, hands, and face,” when authorities arrived. The police officer asked her what was wrong, and she lifted up her shirt to reveal a three bleeding stab wounds in her stomach. Her home was also covered with blood.

An ambulance eventually arrived, and the woman – who admitted to hurting herself in the past – was transported to a local hospital.

Police said that the woman “will cause bodily harm to herself and/or others” and recommended that she be involuntarily committed at a mental health treatment center. The Florida law which allows for such involuntary commitment is called The Baker Act. The police report said that the woman had admitted to being “Baker Acted” before.

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