Woman Who Drank Fish Tank Cleaner to Treat Coronavirus Has Donated Massively to Pro-Democrat Causes

An Arizona woman who blamed President Donald Trump after attempting to self-medicate with fish tank cleaner to prevent coronavirus infection with her 68-year-old husband has been revealed as a prolific donor to left-wing causes.

The Washington Free Beacon has discovered that the 61-year-old woman, referred to only as Wanda, is an activist liberal who regularly funds far-left causes. She most recently donated to the 314 Action Fund, a “pro-science” group that has hammered President Trump’s response to coronavirus hysteria.

Wanda has also donated thousands of dollars to Democrat campaigns in the past several years. She has given money to Hillary Clinton, the feminist organizing group EMILY’s List, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

She told the Free Beacon that her decision to drink the fish tank cleaner containing chloroquine had nothing to do with President Trump’s remarks about the medicine’s potential to treat coronavirus. Her husband ultimately died because of their “horrible, tragic” decision to self-medicate.

“We weren’t big supporters of [Trump], but we did see that they were using it in China and stuff,” Wanda said to the Free Beacon. “And we just made a horrible, tragic mistake. It was stupid, and it was horrible, and we should have never done it. But it’s done and now I’ve lost my husband. And my whole life was my husband.”

“We didn’t think it would kill us,” she added. “We thought if anything it would help us ‘cus that’s what we’ve been hearing on the news.”

She had previously claimed that President Trump’s advice caused she and her husband to drink the fish tank cleaner in an attempt to treat coronavirus.

“We saw Trump on TV—every channel—and all of his buddies and that this was safe,” Wanda said last Monday during an NBC News interview. “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”

The 314 Action Fund, the far-left organization funded in part by Wanda’s generosity, has also publicly blamed the President for the decision of their donor.

“There are real consequences to the White House throwing its approval behind an experimental drug trial before it’s time,” the 314 Action Fund wrote on their Facebook page.

Wanda claims that she and her husband were in isolation, glued to the television screen, and being driven mad with media-driven hysteria over coronavirus when they decided to ingest the fish tank cleaner.

“We were watching the news because we were self-isolating and getting pretty nervous. We were scared. I’m still scared,” Wanda told the Free Beacon.

“I didn’t know, and I didn’t understand how serious it was,” she added. “It was the worst situation I could ever, ever, ever imagine anybody being in.”

Before she was outed as a Democrat donor, Wanda took no personal responsibility for her actions. She put the blame squarely on the shoulders of President Trump, and the irresponsible fake news media was happy to give her the platform to do so.

“Oh my God, don’t take anything. Don’t believe anything that the president says and his people,” Wanda told NBC News.

“This is the most horrible day of my life, it feels like, like my heart is broken and it’ll never mend. It’s just broke–dead. Like my husband,” she told a local news station after the incident.

Wanda will have to live with the consequences of her reckless and irresponsible actions for the rest of her life.

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